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"Yazoo" is a command-line, interpreted scripting language that provides a ready-made environment for C or C++ functions. A user embeds his own routines into the language by referencing them in one of Yazoo's own source files, then recompiling Yazoo. When Yazoo is run, it will bring up a command prompt where the user can define and manipulate variables, arrays, scripted functions, read and write files, etc. -- and, call his embedded functions. Since only the standard C libraries are used, Yazoo should work on just about any platform.

Yazoo scripting is a minimalist affair: classes, sets, functions, function arguments, etc. are all the same thing. The simplicity of this scheme eases the learning curve. But it also buys the language a lot of generality -- Yazoo permits many exotic programming constructs that are rare in a scripting language, but have proven eminently useful in the author's hands.

The Yazoo download consists of: C/C++ source files; a Makefile; essential ".zoo" scripts; and documentation.

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Yazoo is free to use and distribute, under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

Last update: October 16, 2009

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